Friday, July 9, 2010

Shoe loving little Cashlyn

I'm realizing I'm not happy with a cake until I've taken a brush and gels to it. It's not everyone's style, but as long as the clients happy, I can't change: ) 99.9% edible (box, shoes, tissue are sugar). Just a toothpick one stuborn chocolate sandle strap...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ron & Charma's 50th

I have a confession to make, the finished cake doesn't always become what my mind's eye tells it to. It's not prettier or uglier, just it's own. It's a work of building, layering, adding color, shades of color, balance....until it declairs "drop the icing bag, not one more flower, one more chocolate swirl...

BalletMet Columbus Ballerina Princess Cakes (7)

I had the opportunity to create these 7 pretty dresses as centerpieces to guest tables for their ballerina girls party. White and buttercream with hand-picked berry filling, double chocolate chocolate chip, and Cucurbita signature (I'll share the secret ingredient if you try this one).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I can't say enough good about icing smiles, inc. If you haven't read earlier post, it is a local (now national, soon to be international) organization that matches fantastic cake artist (not meaning me of course, I'm so honored to be associated with these amazing givers) with critically ill children and their families. It's not a trip to Disney World, but it is a homemade birthday gift thoughtfully created just for a precious child or sibling.
This cake was created for Joleesa, who's turning 11 today. She likes cheetah girls, and high school musical. Remember cranking the music and singing into the hair brush?